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What Makes Bounce Houses So Much Fun?

Your kids’ birthday party celebration will not be the same without a bounce house. Any party store in Garland, TX would charge you a fortune, if you decide to buy one. Renting such party equipment, however, will not harm your budget at all. The only problem you will experience then, won’t be financial, but will concern your decision which one to choose, as there are plenty of house variations.

Bounce houses are not only fun for small children but for teenagers as well. They can be used for various types of family festivities. If your children are not very little bear in mind Choose our party store to get bounce housethat you should hire a bigger air filled device which can resist weight over 450 pounds. Otherwise you risk paying a huge bill to your party store eventually.

If you think that bounce houses are a relatively new invention you are completely wrong. They date back to 1959 when John Scurlock came up with the idea, actually, in search for the best inflatable cover for tennis courts. When he saw his employees bouncing around the top of his invention, he came up with the idea to shape this cover as a house and use it for entertainment. It has been a successful party addition ever since. Festivals and fairs also use such venues as a means of entertainment for kids.

What makes them a desirable item for party rentals is the fact that they are relatively safe. If they are properly set up by the rental company you have called, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. During use, however, an adult should be supervising the children at all times, especially if they are under 3 years old. If the bounce house you have is made of woven oxford cloth (these are usually cheaper and sold out for home use), you must not allow children over 12 years to use them, as their weight capacity is lower and your kids might get injured.

This is another reason you better call a party store like Big Time Party Rentals to rent a bounce house made of polyvinyl chloride, nylon and vinyl. This material is almost unbreakable and the balloon can hold up to the bouncing of all ages.


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